How Much Weight Can Industrial Pallet Racks Hold?

Pallet racking is a common storage solution used in warehouses or industrial areas to carry a variety of stock. However, there are limits to the weight capacity of pallet racking. Can you ensure that industrial pallet rack capacity enough to hold my stock? This is a frequent question from our customers.

Factors Affecting Industrial Pallet Rack Capacity

When the factors send the inquriy to know how much weight your pallet rack system can handle. We will tell them the key of capacity by our rack structure:

  • Upright Pillar: These are the vertical supports that hold everything up. Their size and thickness determine their weight capacity. Generally, thicker and wider posts can support more weight.
  • Beam Capacity: The industrial rack where your pallets and product rest. Beam length and thickness also play a role, with shorter and thicker beams offering higher capacities. Beam spacing is important too; closer spacing allows for better weight distribution and increased capacity.
  • Layer Capacity: More beams in the same layer mean more weight can be spread out, leading to a higher overall rack capacity.
  • Pallet and Product Weight: This one’s obvious, but it’s vital to consider the combined weight of your pallets and the products they carry. Let’s Check Heda Capacity Sheet.

General Warehouse Storage Rack Capacity

It is important to know the warehouse storage solution provider to determine the specific capacity. Standards are different in different pallet rack storage areas. Before setting up a new storage racking system, consult the experts. Heda shelves will provide you with safe and accurate weight limits, as well as industrial storage solutions.

How Much is Pallet Rack Capacity?

Pallet Rack Duty Information
Pallet Rack Duty Weight Capacity per Level (approx.) Typical Uses
Light-duty Limit 300 KG per layer Lighter items, archives, spare parts
Medium-duty 300-800 KG per layer Bulkier items, appliances, canned goods
Heavy-duty Max 5000 KG per layer Heavy machinery, building materials, car parts

How Much The Cantilever and Mezzanine Capacity?

Equipment Capacity Guidelines Notes
Mezzanines Industrial Mezzanines 125 lbs psf – 1,000 lbs psf / depend on load rating &column spacing
Office Mezzanines 50 lbs psf – 125 lbs psf / depend on load rating &column spacing
Cantilever Racks Customized 500-4000kg/level

Getting the Right Fit by Storage Solutions manufacturer:

Use the Manufacturer’s Limits Standard

For an accurate weight limit for your specific needs, the start is learning what the manufacturer suggests for each piece of your indutrial racking system. Send your inquiry to the racking manufacturer or check the supplier blog / brochure they provide to learn the max weight your parts can carry.

Heda Shelves is Your Trusted Supplier in industrial racks.

In heda shelves,we understand the importance of knowing the correct load capacities in industrial area. Come to our Corporation for your varity storage needs in the worldwide. Choose heda,more than 20 years experience pallet racks manufacturer to your storage solution. We ensure that all the racks we offer for sale – from various product specifications to the exact dimensions – is checked and verified.

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