3000 KG Capacity Selective Pallet Racking for Chemical Warehouse – Iraq


In the highly regulated and safety-critical oil and gas industry, we pride ourselves on selective pallet rack projects that with safety chemical warehousing rack design. Our recent project, undertaken for a oil and gas company, showcases our ability to deliver state-of-the-art storage solutions that meet stringent safety standards and optimize operational efficiency.

  • 📍 Iraq
  • 🏨 Type: Chemical warehousing
  • 👷 Installed by local customer team & Heda Shelves engineer

Project Range

  • Warehouse Size: 100,000 square feet
  • Scope: Design, build, and implement a chemical storage warehouse, including pallet rack systems, environmental control, and safety measures.

Oil & Chemical Product Storage Warehouse


  • Safety and Compliance: Ensuring the warehouse meets all local fire code regulations.
  • Chemical Compatibility: Designing a storage solution that prevents chemical reactions and spillages.
  • Space Optimization: Maximizing storage capacity while ensuring accessibility and safety.
  • Environmental Control: Maintaining proper ventilation, temperature, and humidity levels.

How to choose the pallet rack size and capacity?

At this storage warehouse, our clients wanted to design high high-capacity pallet rack system for chemical products. This commercial project was designed and installed by our local clients team and heda shelves engineer.

To ensure a safe and efficient storage solution, we implemented the following strategies:

Pallet Dimensions and Weight:

We design the storage solution according to our clients parameter including: warehouse space,and product inventory and weight size. To ensure that the weight of the heaviest pallet would determine the minimum load carrying capacity, we chose thicker beams and stronger struts for this project.

Warehouse Space and Layout:

To ensure that the weight of the heaviest pallets dictated the minimum load capacity, we selected thicker beams and stronger columns for this project. Based on the size of the forklift trucks used by the customer and the minimum aisle width required for safe operation between racks. We customized the rack heights to 15 meters, which included an adjustable layout to accommodate different stock sizes.

Accessibility and Inventory Management:

Selective vs. High-density storage: Selective racks allow access to all pallets, while high-density options (like drive-in racking) maximize storage but limit accessibility to some pallets. Choose based on your access needs and inventory turnover rate.

Selective Pallet Shelves Solution

Comprehensive Needs Assessment

We conducted a thorough analysis of the client’s storage needs, including chemical types, quantities, and turnover rates. This assessment was crucial in understanding the specific requirements for safety and compliance.

Prioritizing Safety

Heavy-duty, Industrial-Grade Racks: We selected robust pallet racking specifically designed for high weight capacities to accommodate heavy chemical containers.

Corrosion-Resistant Materials:

Based on the specific chemicals stored, we utilized galvanized steel or other corrosion-resistant materials for the racks to withstand chemical exposure.

Optimizing Warehouse Layout by mix design:

  • Selective Pallet Racks: We opted for selective pallet racks to provide direct access to all stored chemicals, ensuring efficient inventory management and retrieval.
  • Drive-in Racks: Installed for high-density storage of homogeneous products, facilitating efficient space use and LIFO inventory management.
  • Calculated Aisle Widths: The aisle widths were meticulously calculated considering the forklift size, pallet dimensions, and worker safety protocols.
  • Fire Safety Compliance: The warehouse layout strictly adhered to fire safety regulations, incorporating fire separation aisles and ensuring adequate clearance for sprinkler systems.

Chemical Compatibility and Segregation

We selected galvanized steel racks to resist corrosion and ensured that incompatible chemicals were stored in separate zones with physical barriers to prevent reactions.

Regulatory Compliance

We ensured all aspects of the warehouse design adhered to local regulations. Detailed labeling and signage were used to mark hazardous materials and safety equipment locations.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

A maintenance schedule was established to regularly inspect and upkeep the rack systems and safety equipment, ensuring long-term reliability and safety.

  • Safety Compliance: The warehouse passed all regulatory inspections with flying colors, demonstrating our commitment to safety and compliance.
  • Operational Efficiency: Optimized storage and handling processes led to a 30% increase in operational efficiency.
  • Risk Mitigation: Advanced safety features and training programs significantly reduced the risk of accidents and hazardous incidents.


Our expertise in designing and building chemical warehouses for the oil and gas industry ensures that our clients can safely and efficiently manage their chemical storage needs. This project exemplifies our ability to deliver tailored solutions that meet the highest standards of safety and operational excellence.

Experience the great warehouse storage solution with maximum your space and optimize efficiency. If you’re looking to enhance your warehouse with the selective pallet rack, call us at +86 18124246657. Through our service, connect with Heda design expert insights and to explore free CAD and 3D rendering. Contact our expert today!

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