Top 10 Pallet Racking Manufacturers in China – 2024

Warehouse Pallet Racking is the most common system in commercial warehouse. But How to find a trustable pallet racking manufacturer? China is known as a worldwide center of innovation for design,manufacturing&engineering pallet racking system.

This article offer an up-to-date check list on the Top 10 China pallet racking manufacturer provider for 2024. Through evaluating their technological capacities, industrial certifications, and customized ability. This menu will help warehouse owner to find identify key players responsible for in warehouse storage area.

What should you consider before compare with new pallet racking manufacturer?

Rack Type – There are many different factor to design a efficiency warehouse, Usually a complete warehousing solution will include multiple different types of racks, such as selective pallet rack, cantilever rack, drive-in rack, carton flow rack, mezzanine. so when you choose a pallet racking manufacturer first consider the qualifications of the factory and Custom design capabilities.

Load Capacity – Ensure that the racking chosen can support the weight of the product. Load capacity depends on the components of the pallet racking: column strength, beam thickness or laminate capacity. What is the biggest factor that affects the longevity of pallet racking? That would be the material and finish.

Size – The pallet rack size is not set in stone for different inventory requirements. So ensure the right size is important that fits the space. Be sure to measure the space before you order to avoid having to return or exchange the rack.

Pallet Racking Safety – Designing an efficient warehousing project involves keeping products and people safe, but pallet racking can also be dangerous if the structural strength of the pallet racking is not up to snuff. Experience with the project is often a priority before considering a pallet racking manufacturer as you long-term supplier.

Who Are The Top 10 Pallet Racking Manufacturer In China?

PositionCompany NameYear EastibledLocation(city)Employee Size
1Heda Shelves2001Guangzhou51-100
3Kingmore Storage2003Nanjing51-100
6Calin Rack2015Shanghai51-100
7Bull Leader Shelves2016Guangzhou301 – 500
8Victory Rack2006Nanjing51-100
9Nova Racking1997Nanjing51-100
10Sunny Rack2006Guangzhou51-100


Top 10 Pallet Racking Companies To Watch


Heda Shelves

Guangzhou HEDA Shelves Co., Ltd was founded in 2001 and located in Guangdong, China. It is one of China’s major warehouse racking manufacturers specialize in designing, manufacturing, selling and installing all types of display stand, storage shelves and supermarket equipment, etc.

The company’s main areas of service include:

Custom warehouse racks&retail shelves: development for all industries storage solution.
Warehouse Design Service:Free solution, 3D renderings & CAD floor plan design.
Surface Treatment: Surface finishing of all pallet racking with pickling and phosphating.
Quality Inspection: The use of cutting-edge quality inspection tools to ensure reliability.


Jracking established in 2004, is a professional manufacturer, engineer and integrator of storage solutions. The company offers a wide range of products, including pallet racks, shelving systems, mezzanines, conveyors and more. Their main service is wire mesh rack,cantilever rack wholesale and custom service.

Kingmore Racking

Kingmore established in 2003 is one of the top producers of quality pallet racking and other racking equipments. They offer a wide range of storage solutions, including selective racks, high-density racks, multi-level racks, drive-in racks, and push back racks.


Mracking is a widely known company that provides warehouse storage rack manufacturing services. Their reputation in the industry has been built on a foundation of quality and efficiency, making them a reliable partner for clients in refrigertor warehouse, aerospace, dry storage warehouse development as well as consumer goods sectors among others.


Ly racking specializes in designing, providing, and installing warehouse racking systems.   With a professional technical team, skilled workforce, and dedicated sales group.  Main products include stacking racks, mezzanine floors, pallet racks, longspan shelving, drive-in racking, cantilever racking, storage cages, shuttle racking, and ASRS racking systems.

These solutions are widely used across industries such as supermarkets, food, fabric, and tire manufacturing.

Calin Racking

Shanghai Calin Racking. stands out in intelligent warehousing and logistics solutions. They excel in storage system planning, manufacturing, and sales servicing, offering high-density systems like electrical mobile racks, pallet shuttles, gravity flow racks, push-back racks, four-way shuttles, and ASRS racking.

Their products cater to diverse sectors, including manufacturing, food, chemicals, medicine, cold chain logistics, and third-party logistics, providing tailored solutions for various business needs.

Bull Leader Shelves

Bull Leader Shelf, a Guangzhou-based enterprise, has carved a niche in the hardware equipment sector over the past decade. Specializing in production, processing, and international trade, they offer a diverse range of storage solutions. Their portfolio spans from warehouse racks to custom shelving for retail environments, including pharmacies, gift shops, and supermarkets. Leveraging their own manufacturing facility and a network of strategic partnerships.

Bull Leader combines cutting-edge technology with expert craftsmanship. This synergy enables them to deliver cost-effective, high-quality products that cater to various industries, from industrial machinery to consumer goods retail. Their commitment to innovation and quality has positioned them as a competitive force in the global market

Victory Racking

Victory Storage has established itself as a leading force in the logistics industry. Based in Nanjing, this member of the China Logistics Association specializes in comprehensive storage solutions, from design to installation. Their state-of-the-art production facility boasts advanced steel processing equipment and automated coating lines, ensuring top-quality output. Victory’s commitment to innovation is evident in their continuous absorption of global technologies and independent research initiatives. Adhering to ISO9001 standards and guided by a philosophy of excellence, they offer cutting-edge automated systems and management software. With a focus on perfect design, exquisite technology, and sincere service, Victory consistently delivers superior warehouse solutions to their clientele

Nova racking

NOVA Racking has emerged as a powerhouse in warehouse automation since its inception in 1997. Based in Nanjing, this high-tech enterprise boasts over 30 automated production lines and a rich portfolio of patents. Their expertise spans from rack systems to advanced AS/RS solutions, earning them recognition as a “Chinese Well-Known Trademark” and a spot among Nanjing’s Top 100 growth tech companies. With certifications including CE and ISO standards, NOVA’s products meet global benchmarks. Their commitment to innovation and quality has propelled their annual turnover beyond $100 million, solidifying their position in the intelligent logistics sector.

Sunny Rack

Sunny Rack stands at the forefront of storage solutions, specializing in cutting-edge rack systems. Their diverse portfolio includes AS/RS systems, pallet racking, and innovative shuttle solutions. Operating from a sprawling 33,000 square meter facility, they boast an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons.

Sunny Rack’s commitment to excellence is evident in their adherence to ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001 standards, ensuring top-quality products from design to after-sales service. With state-of-the-art equipment and a dedicated team, they continue to revolutionize the logistics and storage industry.


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