Customized Pallet Racking for High-Quality Storage Efficiency

What are customized racks and HEDA SHELVES Custom Service?

As leading storage rack manufacturers, we offer customized rack solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our comprehensive process includes:

Examining your end application

  1. Inspecting available space
  2. Analyzing product characteristics (size, weight, shape)
  3. Assessing accessibility requirements
  4. Considering usage frequency

Based on this evaluation, we design racks that perfectly fit your warehouse storage needs. We offer both standard designs and fully customized solutions, ensuring flexibility for various business requirements.

While our main manufacturing hub is in China, we extend our services to other major industrial centers, including North America, South America, Europe,etc.


Our customized storage rack solutions are unrivaled in their versatility like the material it can accommodate. Variations in storage needs and rack dimensions are factors we prioritize in our design and manufacturing process. 

Customized storage racking solutions offer a compelling advantage: they bring your vision to life with precision. Many products require unique storage solutions, and this is where our expertise shines.

We excel at transforming ideas into tangible, efficient storage systems that meet your specific needs. Our ability to materialize your concept ensures that the final product aligns perfectly with your operational requirements, enhancing both functionality and space utilization in your facility.

HEDA Shelves recommends custom storage racks for clients looking to implement a complete system with a high throughput rate and FIFO inventory management for many SKUs and low pallet quantities. (such as a mezzanine platform with drive-in racks.)

Complete Racking System Solution(Mezzanine+Pallet Racking)

Custom Rack System with HEDA Shelves

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