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Unsure what type of pallet racking is right for your project? Check our warehouse rack list to get the effective solution.

Selective Pallet Rack

Selective pallet racks are industrial-grade storage systems designed to safely store and support heavier palletized loads. Heda Heavy Duty Pallet rack typically ranges around 0.5 tons to 2.0 tons per set. Adaptable for any warehouse climate: ambient, refrigerator, cold-storage.

  • 100% selectivity
  • Low-cost storage racking
  • Ideal for low-volume, high-SKU inventory

Mezzanine Platform

The Mezzanine Platform is one of the most economical ways to maximize your industrial warehouse space, distribution center, or storage facility. Due to its excellent scalability, it is often used to maximize space utilization efficiency in application scenarios such as inventory storage, work platforms, equipment access, inventory rack access, and conveyor access.

Cantilever Storage Rack

Unlike pallet racks with beams, cantilever racks have arms that extend outward from a single upright post. This allows you to store long items like lumber, pipes, furniture, or appliances directly on the arms, maximizing space utilization.

  • Increased Storage Capacity
  • Improved Accessibility
  • Adaptability and Versatility
  •  Suitable for irregular Heavy Loads

Drive-in Rack

Drive-in racks are high-density storage systems for warehouses. Imagine lanes of slotted beams where a forklift enters to deposit and retrieve pallets deep within the rack.

  • High-density pallet racking
  • Ideal for high-volume, low-SKU applications
  • Lane depth 10+ pallets deep
  • LIFO stock rotation – drive-in
  • FIFO stock rotation – drive-thru

Radio Shuttle System

The radio shuttle system automatically stores pallets between shelves to improve operational efficiency. Easily managed with a remote control and optimized warehousing processes.

  • Store more pallets in a lane
  • higher utilization  of unique SKU
  • Flexible system compatible with FIFO and LIFO workflow
  • Cost-effective automation

Light/Medium Storage Rack

The light/medium duty rack is assembled by uprights, beams, and layers. It offers a convenient and flexible solution for Retail Stores, Offices, Garages and Workshops, Archive Storage, E-commerce Warehouses, etc.

  • Adjustable simple section, assemble easily
  • Ensure the continuity of products and easy accessibility
  • Offers options with different load capacities.

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What We Are

Heda Shelves is a manufacturer specializing in the design, research and development, manufacturing, sales, and installation of various display racks, storage racks, and supermarket equipment. 

We have 20+ years of experience in warehouse storage solutions. Find the best warehouse storage solution to optimize warehouse efficiency in HEDA Shelves.

Finding a full-service warehouse and industrial solutions provider? We design and manufacture material storage systems to optimize warehouse efficiency. 

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Heda Service

Free CAD and 3D Design

Our team has 20+ years of experience in warehouse storage solutions and understands local warehouse questions inside and out. More importantly, Heda experts can give you the maximum cost and manage effectively solutions. Our clients think creatively and solve problems practically to optimize the business case. Get Your Free Design in HEDA Shelves.

Factory Manufacturing

Heda Shelves factory is located in Foshan, Guangdong, China. It covers an area of ​​about 22,000 square meters and has 120 workers. Our team knows best practices in manufacturing operations including lean and single piece flow. More importantly, they are engineers and creative problem solvers who can optimize both process design and business case at the same time.

Operations Management

Heda Shelves can help evaluate existing warehouse operations and provide recommendations to optimize warehouse design for immediate performance improvement. We look forward to having you as a long-term partner of HEDA.

Product Development

Our Manufacturer team is not confined by what exists on the market today. They think in terms of identifying the ideal storage solution composed of the ideal components. If those things don’t exist, they create them. From Pallet Racks Mezzanine Platforms to Radio Shuttle Systems, nothing is out of bounds for our team.

Manufacturing Flow Design

Our team understands best practices in manufacturing operations, including rapid delivery of production and programmatic construction recommendations. More importantly, Heda Shelves are engineers and creative storage solution providers. You can conduct an offline factory inspection or contact our sales team for an online inspection.

High Effective Supply Chain

HEDA Shelves products are supplied with supply chain configurations from our own factory, providing a one-stop supply chain for warehouse storage configurations. Provide clear storage solution system with convincing professional attitude.

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